SVS PB-2000 Subwoofer - Summit Hi-Fi
SVS PB-2000 Subwoofer - Summit Hi-Fi SVS PB-2000 Subwoofer - Summit Hi-Fi SVS PB-2000 Subwoofer - Summit Hi-Fi SVS PB-2000 Subwoofer - Summit Hi-Fi


Delivering incredible slam, impact and extreme bass output, the PB-2000 Subwoofer provides a potent low-end foundation for any home theater or music system. Borrowing extensively from the legendary SVS Ultra Subwoofer line, the PB-2000 sets all the performance benchmarks for a subwoofer under $1,500.

Movies have an added dimension of explosive impact with sound effects and mood altering soundtracks. Music becomes a more immersive experience where basslines and percussion come to life with toe-tapping, head-nodding results. Designed for the most demanding audio palates, the PB-2000 subwoofer extends all the way down to 17Hz and easily handles reference volume levels without a hint of strain.

The PB-2000 features a front-firing 4” high-flow port with inner/outer port flares for extremely controlled bass with palpable slam. Its Sledge STA-500D DSP amplifier includes specs and features normally found in subwoofers costing much more. Conservatively rated at a robust 500 watts RMS continuous and 1100 watts peak dynamic, the amplifier features a sophisticated DSP with an array of filters, volume, gain, and phase controls for fine-tuning performance.

At the heart of each subwoofer is a rigorously engineered 12” driver with dual high-grade ferrite magnets and FEA-optimized motor for distortion-free performance in any system. The PB-2000 is one of the best subwoofers for 5.1 home theater and all other surround sound systems.

Its intelligent, rigorously engineered driver and amplifier allow the PB-2000 to outperform models costing far more and easily take the title as best ported subwoofer under $1,500.


The Sledge STA-500D is the sonic engine that brings an unprecedented amp technology and sophistication not found anywhere else at this price point. On sheer power alone, it effortlessly punches out 500 watts RMS and 1100 peak watts.

Quick, smooth and precise digital signal processing at all drive levels. Plus, flexible connectivity for easy set-up and integration into your home theater or stereo system. Include an energy saving standby mode of under 0.5 watts. And lastly, pair it with a freshly designed, exhaustively tested SVS 2000-Series driver. All told, a never-before-at-this-price sonic package.


Designed from scratch—and optimized through exhaustive testing until it delivered unprecedented performance we were after—the powerful 2000-series driver does us proud.

Matched and maximized to its Sledge amplifier, it effortlessly delivers the STA-500D’s precision, dynamic flexibility and raw punch. The result: the driver delivers higher output, improved linearity and lower distortion. Which means loads of clean, precise, deep powerful bass for your movies and music.

  • Computer FEA-optimized motor for even lower distortion.
  • Heavy-duty voice coil for extreme power handling.
  • Upgraded suspension for improved linearity and control.
  • Lightweight aluminum cone delivers high efficiency.
  • Rubber surround for excellent durability and long-life.

Tech Specs:

  • Premium black ash finish.
  • Protective non-resonant steel mesh grille.
  • Front-firing 12" driver.
  • Rear-mounted amplifier.
  • Screw-in rubber feet.
  • Robust Medium Density Fiberboard(MDF) cabinet construction.
  • Cabinet Dimensions: 20.9" (H) x 17.3" (W) x 23.2" (D) (without grille).
  • Overall Dimensions: 20.9" (H) x 17.3" (W) x 25.4" (D) (with grille).
  • Weight (unboxed): 65.6 pounds.
  • Shipped Dimensions: 30" (H) x 23" (W) x 27" (D).
  • Shipped Weight: 82 pounds.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    A great budget buy!

    Extremely impressive performance for the price.

    I bought 2 of these for my roughly 2700cu ft multi purpose room. These have no problem pressurizing the room when called upon. Sub-30Hz performance is especially good in films and video games with lots of LFE content. These things dig DEEP, easily hitting 17hz and lower with massive authority. Whats most impressive, is how capable these subs are in terms of subtlety, these aren't just designed for massive output and nothing else, even the slightest LFE signal can be produced accurately. They can be in your face when needed, and almost invisible when asked to be.

    If you are a music lover however, I would reccomend something with more punch in the 40-80Hz region (Perhaps the SB-2000?), while the response of the PB-2000 is indeed flat and very accurate, it does leave things like kick drums and bass guitar feeling a little lifeless. I expected this, as even SVS says these are designed to make explosions explode ahead of other needs.. I'm already curious what a set of PB-4000's would do in my room.

    You will have to turn the gain dial a little higher than you might expect, as the dial doesn't seem entirely linear, and you had best put at least a dozen hours on these before you make a judgement on them, when I first hooked them up I was fairly underwhelmed but as I used them more and more they hit lower notes and became considerably louder.

    Summit HiFi's service was excellent, it took a while to get these but it wasn't their fault, they arrived in great condition, and while I've never been a fan of Canpar, they delivered them with nary a scratch on the box.

    Amazing sub and service!

    Perfect sub for the money. Amir is a pleasure to deal with!

    All has been received and is working well!


    Amazing subs!

    I upgraded my dual pb1000 for dual pb2000 and I am glad I did. It’s very clean and they pound without breaking a sweat. Svs is the best bang for your subs on the market. Thank you Summit hi-fi and thank you Amir for going above and beyond, this store and Amir are the real deal! Anyone looking for great equipment and even better customer experience look no further than summit hi-fi.

    PB 2000

    Awsome speaker really shakes my room.
    Will purchase another one !