MCX- 2-channel Amplifiers 2x550W@ 8 Ohms Incredible Power

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 A new level of audio realism

We designed the MCX amplifiers specifically for people who are looking for the "best of both worlds" performance, between audiophile stereo music listening and explosive movie soundtracks. "Handcrafted" class A transistor circuit replaces off-the-shelf OpAmp for precise and natural sound signature.

Whether you're listening to music, playing a movie, live concert or video games, the MCX amplifier with its lightning fast dynamics and ultra-low distortion brings you to a new level of audio realism.


Taking the best bits from NuPrime's award winning products, the MCX has been developed for the multi-channel market. We understand that it is not only power that enthrals the listener, but also the accuracy of reproduction to create a realistic experience.


  • Gain (factor): x21
  • Sensitivity (to rated power): 1.6V rms
  • Input impedence: 50k Ohms
  • THD: 0.01%
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz~52KHz(-3dB)


MCX-2 Outputs 

  • Power Output (RMS rated): 2 x 550W@8 Ohms

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
M ighty C ompact X ploder 2 (MCX 2)

As an Audiophile it can be tricky finding the right amplifier for your setup,cand it can be frustrating too. I have been searching for a 2 - Channel amplifier for quite some time to power two custom built 500 watt subwoofers for my home theater
I stumbled upon Summit HiFi and spoke to Amir.about what I was looking for and the price I could afford.

Man, by the end of the conversation I was anxious to get the amplified to be delivered. I have never dealt with anyone selling electronics like him before, and this delivery would change how I would buy electronics going forward.

He dropped off the amplifier at my house and said to test it out first, I was already impressed. I quickly took rhe box to my basement and looked over the manual and the amp. After connecting, I chose a movie I watched before and selected the scene - from Kong and The Legend of Tarzan

OMG, I kid you not, I felt that roar in my chest (shivers)..

The MCX 2 was playing exactly as Amir said it would. I was impressed. For the footprint and weight, it was Mighty indeed. I couldn't believe this little amp packed such a punch I messaged him a few days after playing a few of my favorite albums and this amplifier didn't disappoint in this area either.

I'm so happy I stumbled across Amir at Summit ,HiFi. This Mighty Compact Xploder 2 (MCX 2) was reasonably priced and the most important - the service from beginning to end was A+ and so far I've purchased two other amplifiers for a 5-2-4 home theater setup.

Amir, thank you for helping to bring my dream theater to life. Keep running Summit HiFi the way you do, we Audiophiles truly appreciate it... Cheers

Small But Mighty!

One's experience is subjective and obviously relative to the associated equipment used. Having tried the amplifier with several preamps and speakers, in the short time I've had it, I conclude that it's very capable - Particularly given it's size and price point! It's light, small, and produces extremely minimal heat, which are all pluses. The first thing I detected upon initial hook up was the good degree of resolution. I would say that's the forte of the amp. Yes amplifiers do affect sound signature. Dollar for dollar you'd be hard pressed to find something better. My only gripe, was the terminal (holes) are very small, not big enough to put substantial gauge wire through. Most people use banana connectors, I realize, so there are certainly ways to compensate. I actually inserted the bare (10 awg) wire in the ends of the terminals and secured them with electrical tape (for the time being).
As far as service goes I cannot say enough about Aamir! He called me several times prior to the transaction to educate and reassure me. Not being forceful or bothersome in any manner but merely extending himself gracefully. What surprised me most was the courtesy calls after the sale just to ensure everything was good. He emphasizes that he can be reached anytime and is "just a phone call away". Very professional and accommodating for someone to make them self that accessible. I appreciate his passion, enthusiasm and good nature! Thanks Aamir it was great dealing with you and I look forward to talking to talking to you again in the future. Highly recommended!

Nuprime X. MCX 2 and MCX 4

I was looking for a dedicated amp for my fronts as well as one for center and surrounds. Having been intrigued by numerous reviews of Nuprime products, it was a pleasant surprise to find Summit Hifi carried them. I have dealt with Aamir in the past and once again I received the brick and mortar service that one normally doesn’t experience online.
I understand that it will take these amps a few hours to break in but if they are going to get better than this I will be in for a real treat. These amps are amazing. Everything I’ve thrown at them just sounds great.
Thanks again Aamir. Hit the nail right on the head.